Happy Birthday Laling!

Yesterday was the wife’s birthday so bawak la gi makan Resepi Rahsia. Apa yang rahsia pun tatau la. Since there weren’t many people there, the food arrived super quick ^^; Decided to use the crappy camera phone and snap snap our dishes so other people can drool. 😀 😀


This was the appetiser. Super hot mushroom soup that boils the blood in your tongue if you are too gelojoh. :p

imag0017-2This is what I ate. Some kind of beef steak. Sedap tahap cipan! Very tender and the sauce was perfect. Didn’t like the carrots though. Too keras.

imag0018-2This is what Laling ate. Roasted chicken with tumeric sauce. I have no idea what tumeric is but it tastes good. 🙂


Our drinks. Laling had vanilla milkshake and I had something chocolate with some cream things on top. Frankly speaking, I ordered it because it looks nice. It doesn’t taste all that special really. 😦

imag0016-2Birthday girl happy with her food. 😀 Muacks!

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