Lunch at Seoul Garden

One word; delicious!!  😀

So we went to Seoul Garden Juru to try the food there and I have to say, it was absolutely worth every cent. The food was awesome and the price is not too expensive.

We went in and terpinga – pinga (first time la, what to do) and this dude came to us asking ‘Buffet or ????’ (didn’t hear the latter part  of his question because the word buffet sorta made everything else go blur blur haha). We quickly responded ‘Buffet!‘ and he took us to our seat which was right near a window which in turn was perfect because the lighting made taking photos easier. 🙂


So what you do is get the items that you want, (there’s lamb, beef, chicken and seafood, vegies, and ball thingies that I don’t know what they are made of but tastes really good) and put them in your plate. They are raw by the way so don’t eat them just yet; unless of course you like your food raw.


They look like this raw. Yuck!


And then, you put them on the hot pan thingy and listen to them sizzle.


Depending on how you like your food, once you’re done listening to them sizzle, you put them on your plate, pour the desired amount of sauce (there’re 4 kinds of sauces) on them and makan! Once you’re done, you go back to the buffet table and get more stuff to eat. 😀 Repeat as necessary. ^^;


When your stomach is full, you go get some ice cream! It’s free flow by the way. All the drinks are free flow too. It costs us about the same when we ate ate Secret Recipe but since  all the food, drinks, and ice cream are free flow in Seoul Garden buffet, I think  eating there gives you better value for money.


One of the happy customer. 🙂

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