Outdoor with Zehan & Ida

Meet Zehan and Ida. Two wonderful girls that was gracious enough to volunteer for the outdoor shoot we had today. I hope I got their names right :). Kalau silap bagitau aa.

So we started shooting both of them together and then moved ahead to the solo scene. I went to shoot Zehan while Nuli shot Ida. Afterwards we switched and not long after that, it started to rain. So our outdoor session was forcibly cut short :(.

Click the photos for larger version.

Thank you very much to Zehan & Ida for participating awesomely and to Rizman for the pizza (kami tibai habis) and to Jeri for the drinks and keropok. And also a shout out to my lovely wife for being the awesomest assistant ever! 😀 😀 😀

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